My PrintPods is printing streaks/white lines?

The printhead integrated on the ink cartridge has many small nanoscale nozzles. During use, the nozzles could be contaminated with dust, or the ink dries on the nozzle surface. Though our ink has smooth performance, we still recommend user to cap the ink cartridge after using.

If you see the white lines, or streaks when printing, there are several solutions to solve.

printing streaks

You can refer to the video here

Recommended going to the method 3 directly if method 1 fails.

Can’t connect to the PrintPods?

Is PrintPods battery fully charged

Make sure if the battery is charged, and if the power switch is ON.


If the App “PrintLab” has sufficient permissions

Basic permissons: (both Android & Apple device)

  1. – Local Network
  2. – WLAN and Mobile Data
  3. – GPS (while using)

If you don’t know how to allow the permissions, you can try to re-install the PrintLab, usually the phone will ask you when you install.


Complex WiFi environment (excessive WiFi or 2.4Ghz signal)

If there are many WiFi signals in the current location, the WiFi connection used by PrintPods may be interfered.

It may appear that the signal of “Evebot_xxxx” is sometimes absent, or the phone prompts that the password is incorrect (even if you have entered 12345678)


This situation rarely happens.

You can try the following methods, or refer to the video below.

  1. – Turn off then and ON the PrintPods to connect again.  Or,
  2. – Press and hold the round button for 3s until you hear a  long “beep” to switch WiFi channel.

(Switching channel only works for versions older than 1.1.9,  newer version can select channel automatically)

How do I position my print?

If you practice, you will soon be able to master the skills of printing with PrintPods

If you want it easier, you can get a ruler (please ask your seller) and follow the 2 methods in this video.

  1. – Turn off the “Continuous Print” in the PrintLab
  2. – Or if you want the “Continuous Print” ON

Why the prints are incomplete after inserting the ink cartridge?

If you are seeing image printed like this,

Try to clean the printhead first with a paper.

Then you can remove the ink cartridge from the printer body.

Stand the ink cartridge upright and wait for 5 to 10 minutes(with printhead down).

If you don’t want to wait,
wrap the printhead with clean soft paper and shake the ink cartridge gently.
After seeing the ink flowing out of the nozzle, wipe it clean and load it into the printer to print.

One more method is, print back and forth quickly. (so printing in high speed to clean printhead)

You may refer to this video.

Possible reasons:
1.Not enough ink.

When plugging the ink cartridge into the printhead, there is a slight impulsive force from the cartridge to carry certain ink into the printhead. If there is a lot of air or even a bit of sediments in the printhead, the momentum may not be enough to instantly fill up the printhead with ink.
So you need to use the external force of gently shaking the ink cartridge to complete this step.
Once the ink is completely injected into the printhead, the problem of incomplete pattern printing should not recur until the ink runs out.

2.Printhead is dry.

The current environment is relatively dry, or the air is flowing fast, causing the quick-drying ink to dry up on the printhead.

Wiping or printing quickly helps to wash away the dry matter on the print head.