Progress of the PrintX A4 Extension

PrintX has been under R&D since 2021. Its design concept is that the portable and compact handheld printer can also print in A4 format, which can not only meet DIY and logo printing, but also meet the printing needs of business travel and home office.

The Print X project is divided into 2 main components.
One is the Print X handheld printer itself, capable of 600dpi color printing. The first batches of the product have already been sent through the crowdfunding platform.
The other is A4 Extension, carrying Print X to realize A4 format printing.

We are a technology-driven development team and start-up company that has been developing innovations in printing and robotics. Innovation starts from zero, not only investing time, money and energy, but also encountering different difficulties in the process of research and development.

A4 Extension has been a key project of our R&D team for the past two years.
The good news is that A4 Extension has already made a breakthrough, and we are already preparing the first batch of shipments.
At present, we are working hard with the goal of sending out the first batch of goods in May this year.

At the same time, the R&D team is also continuously improving the performance of PrintX, A4 Extension and possible peripherals.


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