Use the PrintPods

*You should at least print once on paper, everytime before you print onto something important*

You might refer to this video, or steps below. 

Please scan this QR Code to download and install the PrintLab app before using the PrintPods.

Or install PrintLab via AppStore or Google Play


printpods use ink

Step 1

Plug the cartridge into the printer

switch on

Step 2

Power switch to "ON"

tap unconnected
Step 3

Open the "PrintLab" app, tap the "Unconnected" at the right top corner

select printpods

Step 4

Select model "PrintPods"

printpods wlan select

Step 5

Enter "WiFi Settings" and find signal named "Evebot_xxxx" to connect
Password is 12345678

keep the current wlan signal

*Step 5.1

If you see this similar quesiton, please connect the Evebot WiFi anyway
(this happens to Android)

stay with the current wlan - ios

*Step 5.2

If you see this similar quesiton, please keep the Evebot WiFi anyway
(this happens to Apple devices)

printpods connection complete

Step 6

Back to the "PrintLab" app, tap "Finish"
(if you are connecting a new phone, the button may use up to 30s to turn green)

printlab edit area

Step 7

Now you can input any content by using any of the 4 mode.
After the input, tap "Print"

slide to print

Step 8

Click the round button once, you should see your phone screen indicates "Printing"
Slide the printer from left to right, and you can see your inputs printed.