Install the ink cartridge

🧤*some ink may leaks during the installation, please wear gloves during all the installation process*🧤

You might refer to this video, or steps below.

lint-free cloth under the printhead
Step 1

Fold a lint-free cloth into 3 layers beneath the printhead. (*some ink may leak during installation)

Step 2

Insert the ink cartridge The cartridge chip and the print-head chip are on the same side.

push the bolt in - printpods
Step 3

Press the cartridge down to the bottom.
Push the bolt in.

remove the blue tape - printpod
Step 4

Remove the blue tape

remove waste ink
Step 5

If there's some ink leak out, use the lint-free paper to clean.

printpods use ink
Step 6

Plug the Printhead into the printer.